C.D. Numancia de Soria S.A.D. has 19 football teams


The highest level of representation at the sporting level is the first team, C.D. Numancia, which has been successful in staying in professional football for the last 23 seasons.

All information regarding the first team can be found on the following link: First team


The Numancia youth academy is the soul of C. D. Numancia as it maintains the values of the past and also those of the future as it encompasses the entire youth academy. It is also the thinking factory of the Club and the base of other strategic projects. A total of 18 teams make up the foundation of C. D. Numancia. A structure that goes from the secondary team (in the third division) to the Prebenjamín 2013, transmitting and developing the education in values through the practice of football for the younger ones.

You can find all the information about our football base at the following link: Academy