'Soria Horse' to feature on the Numancia shirt for the 2018-19 season

This clasp, which encapsulates the memory of the Numantia legend, pays homage to the great historical legacy of the city.

CD Numancia will wear the Soria Horse on their shirt this season, as a tribute to the great historical legacy of his city. The new design will be on display this Sunday in the fixture with UD Almeria (Los Pajaritos, 18:00 hours) and aims to bring together the values of resistance and bravery, for which Numantia is legendary, and the most recognizable symbol of Soria.

As can be seen in the picture, Soria and history of the Numantian resistance are inextricably bound together. A fundamental milestone in the configuration of the collective Soriano memory that began 22 centuries ago, when the Roman chroniclers noted it down as one of the exceptional cases of how a proud people, who needed freedom to live, defied for a long time the mightiest army of the age. The Celtiberian wars raged on and off between 153 and 133 B.C. The siege of Numantia, almost a year long, put an end to these wars.

The Soria Horse brings back the memory and legacy of that historical episode, which marked and marks the character and identity of all Sorianos to this day. This figure represents a Celtic fibula, a brooch or clasp, used by the inhabitants of Numancia to hold the ‘carcag’ containing a knife or arrows. Being a metal piece, it was also used to join or hold all kinds of garments that made up the clothing of the individual Celtiberian. This is an element that dates from the Bronze Age.

It is horse-shaped (as the name suggests) and sometimes it can also be represented by the goddess who takes care of those who pass to the next life on horseback. After the Celtiberian wars, with Numantia now conquered by the Romans, the conquerors themselves were assigned similar fibulas and used them in the same way as their enemies did. The have been found in bronze and gold, others have been found in the form of a dog that simulates death.

In 1993 one was found in the necropolis of Numantia after an urgent excavation that gave rise to a new research project, providing a good source of further information about Celtiberia and the Celtiberian wars. The horse represents a symbol of power.

"CD Numancia, as a window of their city, are proud to be able to transfer their historic legacy, through the Soria Horse. This club intend to live up to the huge name they represent and aim to take the great history of Numantia and Soria to all corners of Spain and the world," the CD Numancia de Soria, chairman, Francisco Rubio Garcés.

Marian Arlegui Sánchez, director of Numantino Museum, managed by the government of Castilla y León, said "it is particularly moving and transcendent that sport and historical culture unite, more when as is the case the name of the CD Numancia is a myth of History Soriana. The Numancia CD exalts the values of the sport of resilience and effort that we know of the Numantinos. That sport spread our history is a gesture of great value. "

21 SEP

10:30 Anexo Los Pajaritos


Puerta Abierta

22 SEP

18:00 Nuevo Estadio de Los Pajaritos


Day7 CD Numancia - Elche C.F.

28 SEP

20:00 El Sardinero


Day8 Real Racing Club - CD Numancia

01 OCT

19:00 Nuevo Estadio de Los Pajaritos


Day9 CD Numancia - CF Fuenlabrada

06 OCT

16:00 Carlos Tartiere


Day10 Real Oviedo - CD Numancia