Party time once again at Los Pajaritos

Numancia earn first win so far in 2019, on the 20th Birthday of Los Pajaritos

Numancia overcame Córdoba by a 3-2 score line and earned their first win in 2019 in a match that had all the ingredients to be quite special, marking, as it did, the 20th birthday of Los Pajaritos. The 1998-99 squad that had inaugurated the stadium and, a few months later, won promotion to the top flight for the first time in the club’s history, were honoured before the kick-off.

After the pre-match events, in which the Asociación Tierraquemada (‘Scorched Earth Association’) enacted a scene with Numantines and Romans on the Los Pajaritos pitch, and Javi Castaño took the honour kick-off, López Garai’s side gave the fans an excellent, complete first-half display in which Numancia scored three times, played good football and went in at the break with the game seemingly in the bag.

The Rojillos went in 3-0 up at half time thanks to two headed goals by Diamanka, each from a corner, and an Alain Oyarzun shot from the edge of the box. In the honour kick-off, Javi Castaño took fans’ minds back to his goalscoring days and, without doubt, showed the current players the way to go. His kick-off, from the centre spot, ended up in the same net where Numancia would later score three times, a good omen for sure.

Everything looked to be under control, and what appeared to be a calm second half awaited, but it was not to be that way at all. A Córdoba goal in the first minute after the restart suddenly made it ‘game on’, and the Andalusians were immediately very much back in the contest.  

All the good impressions Numancia had given of themselves in the first half evaporated and that timid team, the one lacking in self-confidence, the one that makes them Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, made their appearance once again. The relative comfort of a three- and then a two-goal lead became a nightmare when Piovaccari scored Córdoba’s second in the 62nd minute, and uncertainty reigned at Los Pajaritos for the last half hour.

Luckily, nothing more happened to spoil the party, and the three points stayed at Los Pajaritos, which by the end of the game resembled a white table cloth.

Numancia: Juan Carlos, Unai Medina, Derik, Atienza, Ganea, Fran Villalba, Diamanka, Kako, Yeboah (Nacho, m. 62), Alain (Marc Mateu, m. 87), Borja Viguera (Guillermo, m. 67).

Córdoba: Carlos Abad, Quezada, Luis Muñoz, Quintanilla, Loureiro, Álex Vallejo, B. Touré (Andrés Martín, m. 53), De las Cuevas, Jaime (Erik, m. 87), Quim Araujo (Jovanovic, m. 82), Piovaccari.

Goals: 1-0. M. 16. Diamanka. 2-0. M. 19. Alain. 3-0. M. 45. Diamanka. 3-1. M. 46. De las Cuevas. 3-2. M. 62. Piovaccari.

Referee:  Ávalos Barrera (Catalan Committee). Assisted by Valencia López and Villaseñor Julián. Yellow cards for Diamanka, Numancia, and Loureiro and Jovanovic, Córdoba.

Los Pajaritos. 4,302. A celebration for the 20th Birthday of Los Pajaritos stadium was organised, and there was a tribute to the 1998-99 squad.

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