Numancia slip to 2-0 defeat at La Rosaleda

Early strikes in each half condemn Rojillos to another loss

C.D. Numancia came home empty-handed from their visit to La Rosaleda. The Sorianos made similar mistakes to those they made eight days ago in Las Palmas and went down 2-0 to the division leaders. If it is already difficult, very difficult, to go to stadiums like Gran Canaria or Malaga, and if you also start the game by gifting your opponents a goal, it becomes an uphill, if not impossible, struggle.

With just 34 seconds gone, Numancia were already 1-0 down, despite having had the kick-off! The defensive fragility of the Rojillos was evident in the first ball that was played into the area, as Blanco Leschuk rose, barely challenged, to open the scoring with a good header, one that was impossible for Juan Carlos to stop.

Once again, the team found themselves swimming against the tide, as they had eight days before. They stepped up their efforts, took possession of the ball and sought out Munir’s goal for much of the game, but Málaga had already got what they wanted - to be in the lead - and the hosts had a fairly placid time swatting away the visitors’ threats.

Just to make matters worse, the second half opened much like the first had. Juan Carlos prevented a second from Málaga with a providential hand. In the ensuing corner, however, Blanco Leschuk got to the ball before the ‘keeper, who had been left exposed by the Rojillo defenders’ hesitancy, and made it 2-0.


From then on, it was a practically impossible task. López Garai sent out all the strikers he had available. He dispensed with his left back and defensive midfielder in attempt to find goals with Yeboah, Borja Viguera and Higinio up front. Numancia had even more possession and looked to have more bite in attack, but Málaga hardly suffered. Well organised at the back, it was enough for them to wait for the visitors’ attacks to break down and then play on the break.

A late shot from Pichu Atienza, and another from Alain Oyarzun in stoppage time, well saved by Munir, could have made the result more respectable for the Sorianos, who now need to improve in their coming matches after passing through the Gran Canaria and Rosaleda stadiums on tip-toes.

Málaga C.F.: Munir, Luis H., Pau, Adrián, Blanco Leschuk, Juanpi (Héctor, m. 90), Ricca, N’Diaye, Pacheco (Lacen, m. 84), Kone (Ontiveros, m. 65), Iván.

C.D. Numancia: Juan Carlos, Kako (Borja Viguera, m. 55), Ripa (Yeboah, m. 55), Dani Calvo, Alain, Atienza, Guillermo (Higinio, m. 73), Marc Mateu, Markel, F. Villalba and Diamanka.

Referee: Pizaro Gómez (Madrid Committee). Assisted by Maldonado Urbina and Massó Granado. Yellow cards for Blanco Leschuk, Málaga, and for Juan Carlos and Borja Viguera, Numancia.

Goals: 1-0. Minute 1. Blanco Leschuk. 2-0. Minute 47. Blanco Leschuk.

La Rosaleda. 14,554.

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