Numancia relive '96 cup run in documentary preview

Raúl Ruiz: "This is the story of the cup run that changed the hostory of CD Numancia, told from the heart"

On Wednesday, the former Numancia player turned journalist, Raúl Ruiz, presented his documentary film ‘Generación Numancia’ at Los Pajaritos.

The documentary, one of the Movistar Plus series ‘Reportajes #Vamos‘, was given a preview showing at the Cines Mercado, in Soria, with the people who appear in it, players, representatives of institutions and of Numancia football club, as well as Numantino fans.

Raúl Ruiz, the documentary’s maker, presented the event, which was also attended by the regional Director for Telefónica in Castile and León, Javier Alonso, former players such as Jorge Barbarin, José María Movilla, Alberto Artigas, José María Guembe, Roberto Ayensa, César García, Patxi Bedia, Octavio Viñals, Alfonso Serrano, Chuchi Gómez Cos and Raúl Ruiz himself. Also there was the Numancia press officer from those days, Luis Martínez, and the journalist who appears in the film, Chema Díez.

The documentary focuses on Numancia’s inspirational 1996 cup run, in which the minnows from Soria made history and gave the biggest teams quite a fright. The players from that team, Miguel Ángel Lotina, the manager at that time, and other illustrious figures who crossed paths with Numancia, such as the Barcelona players Guillermo Amor, José Mari Bakero, 'Chapi' Ferrer and 'Pitu' Abelardo, who confessed that "it was a lot of extra pressure that we had put on us, we were sh*tting ourselves” all feature in the film. As well as them, players from the teams Numancia beat along the way take part, among them Alberto, of Real Sociedad, who recalled that "it was hard for us, it marked us all ". The Sporting de Gijón players Juan Ramón López Muñiz and Eloy Olaya also contributed their thoughts on being defeated by the Rojillos, "it was unthinkable". Others, such as Jesús Merino, who played for Racing de Santander, and referees, such as the now retired Antonio Jesús López Nieto, who commented that "it was a battle between David and Goliath", also shared their memories of Numancia’s feat in the film.

'Reportajes #Vamos: Generación Numancia' can be seen on #Vamos TV.

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