Moisés Israel is presented with an innovative to internationalise the club, but which maintains the foundations and essences of C.D. Numancia

The president of the Club appeared before the media with Francisco Rubio and vice President Francisco Velázquez

The President of C.D. Numancia, Moisés Israel, appeared today before the media in the press room at Los Pajaritos in his official presentation to the local press and announced the ambitious communication and marketing project he plans for C.D. Numancia in the coming months.

He was accompanied by Francisco Rubio, honorary president of the club, who hosted the event, with Francisco Velázquez, vice president, and Alejandro Garcia, member of the new board of directors, who was also in attendance.

Francisco Rubio welcomed Moisés Israel and thanked the media for the way they have treated him over the last twenty-five years, giving the floor to the main figure of the day.

Moisés Israel stated his intentions clearly, namely to maintain the foundations and to promote communication and marketing through an international development project of the Numancia brand. "I am proud to be the president of Numancia since last Friday. This is a spectacular project that will mark a before and after in the life of our companies. C.D. Numancia is an extraordinary club, one that has been extraordinarily well managed over the last 25 years, and has been unique within the ambit of national football," said the new President.

Israel also wanted to show, from the outset, the excitement he felt concerning the project on which the working groups of his companies and those of Francisco Velázquez have embarked. "We are coming here with all the hope in the world. We believe that the foundation and values of this club will always remain in place. We have been working for some time now and have seen a series of actions that have been carried out lately and which are the beginning of a long road, one that will be different for Numancia from the point of view of communication and international marketing, which is precisely the part of the club that has the potential to grow."

The Numancia President recognized that enthusiasm, work, efforts, contacts, friends, both nationally and internationally will not be lacking, as neither will be advice from the Advisory Board that Francisco Rubio is to chair, and the entire board of directors. "This allows us to envision an important future for all of us. We are starting from a small town, but we have a city that is eager to project itself, one that has hopes and dreams e for the future," said Mr. Israel.

In addition to the local Consultative Council in which the members of the previous board of directors will participate together with a younger person, there is also an international Consultative Council, which is already working with Chinese, Indonesian and Indian advisers to, with their perfect knowledge of their countries, develop the brands and the goals to be achieved. In this same regard, Israel recognized that "Google, Facebook and Amazon are strategic partners with which we have to put Soria and Numancia on the map."

Israel addressed the unease that some fans may have at the departure of Francisco Rubio and the arrival of a new management team: "Francisco Rubio has done a remarkable sales job. He has not put a product on the market for just anyone to come into his home. In the many meetings we have had he has told us many times that this is like his own son; we are now taking care of Francisco Rubio Garcés’ son, and want that son to grow, to travel the world and reach all his goals. All changes always make people a little nervous, but the doubters here in Soria can rest assured," he said.

The new president stressed the importance of the city for the project to work. "Soria is fundamental in this project. That's why we put the word history on the shirt, with Soria inside. This concept of Soria and its place in history will be expanded on at a national and international level."

To achieve this, the club is developing tourist packages for people to come to Soria and then go to football. In Israel’s words, "bringing a person to see a match is easier if you have distinctive and magnificent assets, such as the Numantia archeological site, the San Saturio hermitage and the city itself."

C.D. Numancia was chosen by the investment group led by Moisés Israel and Francisco Velázquez for two main reasons: transparency and fair play. In both respects, Numancia is differentiated and outstanding in its sector, as Israel wanted to make clear. "We've been analyzing several football clubs for quite some time. Numancia is the number one club in transparency. For us, who come from companies in other sectors, it was fundamental. Despite the extraordinary work that the Professional Football League is doing to clean up club accounts, football still has an image that is not too good, while the Numancia have a score of 9.5. That was a decisive factor because we knew we were not going to find any surprises, as was effectively the case. Secondly, there is the concept of fair play. The values that the sports section has inculcated to each and every one of the club’s players, not only those of the first team but those of the lower sections of the club, have to do with the values that our companies want to convey."

Israel also announced a project to form players, local, national and international, which the club will try to apply in the medium term.

For the new president, "Numancia, as a football club, lives extraordinarily well in the second tier and we believe that, to develop this project, the second division is the ideal place to be able to carry it out. The big project is to keep the club in second division and not stop dreaming. Paco left the bar very high last season, but we will not stop dreaming because the first division is there."

Israel understands that income generation is important, but sports planning is much more so. "The Spanish second division is the fifth highest-level league in the world, and that is very important, because the people who come to see the football here is a sign that we will offer another package, which is very important, as we will offer a Soria package along with the Numancia package. We have 4,000 empty seats every weekend and we have an obligation not only to generate income, but to encourage our players, and then win," he ended.

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