Moisés Israel attends opening of Presura

Club chairman present at opening of II Fair for Re-populating the Empty Spain

Moisés Israel, C.D. Numancia chairman, took part in the opening of the II edition of Presura, the ‘Fair for Repopulating Empty Spain’, that took place on Friday in Soria, organised by the ‘El Hueco’ co-working space and which was also attended by the Minister for Territorial Policy, Meritxel Batet.

As well as the minister, other important figures in attendance were the Mayor of Soria, Carlos Martínez, the president of the Provincial Deputation, Luis Rey, the Secretary for Employment of the government of Castile and León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo and the Government Commissioner for the Demographic Challenge, Isaura Leal. Together with them were the Government Delegate in Castile and León, Virginia Barcones, the Government Sub-delegate in Soria, Miguel Latorre and the Delegate for the Government of Castile and León in Soria, Manuel López Represa, meaning there was an ample institutional presence at a fair whose objective is clear, namely making Spain’s sparsely populated areas attractive as places to go and live.

In the words of the organisers: “Presura wants to continue attracting entrepreneurs from all over the country, to seduce them, and for them to discover that the rural environment is a world of opportunities to launch their ideas or businesses.”

‘Presura’ means a settlement of peasants in barren or abandoned lands, and it is the name that El Hueco gave this fair for the repopulation of empty Spain last year. This weekend sees the second edition, and it is now obligatory annual appointment and a meeting point between those territories and people with entrepreneurial spirit who want to stop living in the urban environment and start up a business idea and who also have a life project in rural or the most sparsely populated areas of inland Spain.

The first edition of Presura, held a year ago, was successful, with more than 50 exhibiters present and over 3,000 attendees from all over Spain. The media impact of Presura was calculated to be worth €1.5 million.

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