CD Numancia de Soria, taken over by a new investment group

Health and Sports Development S.A. and Football Newco 18 S.L announce the signing of an agreement by which the Soria-based club is now under new ownership

CD Numancia de Soria SAD held an Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting today, Friday, at which the transfer of powers took place between the board of directors chaired by Francisco Rubio Garcés - who has ceased to hold office - and the
new board of directors, which will take charge of managing the Numantine club as of today, September 28th, 2018.
During this ceremony, Football Newco 18 S.L. has become the majority shareholder. The new owners aim to uphold and strengthen CD Numancia within the world of professional football and give the club a new projection both nationally and
internationally. Football Newco 18 S.L., is 50% owned by the group led by Moisés Israel Garzón, and 50% by Francisco Velázquez.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors will be Mr. Moisés Israel Garzón, a lawyer and strategic consultant in sports marketing and communication at an international level.
The vice president will be Mr. Francisco Velázquez, an entrepreneur and investor who specializes in technology and global markets.
The investment group has an extensive network of delegates and agents in all five continents, especially in the Americas (USA, Canada and other countries) as well as in Asia (China, Indonesia, etc).
The purchase, negotiations leading to which began in January 2018, has been ratified by Spain’s Higher Sports Council.
On this agreement, the new president of CD Numancia de Soria, Moisés Israel, commented: "We are delighted to confirm this new investment made by Football Newco 18 S.L. Our first words can only be ones of gratitude for the remarkable job that Francisco Rubio has carried out over the last 25 years at the head of CD Numancia, a period in which the club has been turned into a model to be followed in every aspect. Respect for that legacy and for the club’s history will be one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. Starting from the grassroots sports project, the Academy, we aim to make the internationalization of our brand our challenge, to make Numancia known throughout the world and contribute to making more and more people interested in our history, our legacy, our incredible city, and encourage them to come and see our team’s games.”
For his part, the outgoing president, Mr. Francisco Rubio, has pointed out: "Today a project of continuity is born, one that is exciting for the city and for CD Numancia’s fan base, as I have reiterated over recent days. I would like to point out that in Moisés and Francisco, the values that have been the club's hallmarks are fused, notwithstanding their experience and strategy in the markets of international finance and global marketing. I will be helping via the advisory council, accompanying them where my presence is required. I wish you the best in your new project, which will be the project of all Sorianos."
The development of the Numancia brand and the focus of the project will be global, but starting from local roots. The current management team, which has led to the club being one of the best organized football clubs in the Professional Football League, and which has demonstrated the success of its sports model for 20 years, will continue to manage the club's destiny, where the sports project will prevail above all. The acquiring investor group will contribute its international experience and work within the new global communication environments to project Numancia CD and, therefore, the city of Soria.

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