C.D. Numancia in the heart of the African continent

A group of students from Soria, Numancia supporters, have set up a project through the University of Valladolid and the ADEPU NGO in Atsiame, a small village in the south of Ghana with a population of 200. They have managed to bring some happiness to the children in this little village by providing them with C.D. Numancia training kit and at the same time are helping to put Soria and the football club on the map through their collaboration with this social initiative in a rural area where resources are severely lacking, there being no electricity, running water or Internet.

Mario García González and Adrián Martínez have gone as teachers to the village school, while Álvaro Maestro and Gonzalo Beltrán have done communication and audio-visual work that has led to the development of a documentary that tells of their experiences there.

The students have gathered a large amount of photographic and video material of this village, and the Numancia crest and flag are now a familiar site there. In addition, there is now a football pitch, laid out by the students themselves, for the youngsters to train on and where they can play matches against teams from neighbouring villages. Sewing workshops, a well to provide water for the villagers and awareness workshops focusing on the problems of waste and the recycling of plastics are other tasks this group of students have carried out.

“The idea of taking a part of my city to Ghana, with CD Numancia as a symbol” was the initiative that led to this project, one that has allowed the youth of the village to take part in training sessions, organise football matches and make these activities special for the youngsters, with sport, football and Numancia being the common link.

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