Alcorcón clash yields a win, three points, and a sigh of relief at Los Pajaritos

Goals from David Rodríguez and Escassi reward a good team display

Numancia beat Alcorcón 2-0 at Los Pajaritos, thus laying to rest the ghosts that have been pursuing them throughout the month of April, which is about when they started making life complicated for themselves, until now, with the team in a situation that nobody wants. Today’s game was, for the Rojillos, a huge one. From the outset, the fans were there behind them, cheering them on, not dissing them for recent slip-ups, totally aware that today’s game was ‘the game', for the team and for the Numantino faithful. Even the 2019 San Juan jury members were there, and gave themselves to the cause, roaring the team on until the final whistle and making their visit to Los Pajaritos 'a special, day, a victorious one’.

And as Numancia constitute a unit, a whole, when all the component parts respond, it is difficult to stop them. As well as this, Alcorcón seemed not to want to get in the way. Having already done what they needed to do this season, the Alfareros still came out and played a serious game, but the Rojillos had a lot at stake, and this was very clear on the field at Los Pajaritos today.

Higinio played wide on the left, and it was from that side that López Garai’s side created most danger in the first half. Mixing up positional play with a route one strategy, looking for the number 9, Numancia left Alcorcón looking like a rabbit startled in the headlights while also pumping in a few balls from the right which, though there was rarely anyone in a position to finish, did unsettle the visitors’ back line.  

Fran Villalba hit a great shot, but Jiménez stretched to make the save of the afternoon and deny the Numantino midfielder. Just when it looked like the game was headed to a 0-0 draw at the break, another move down the right side ended with Derik crossing in for David Rodríguez to head the ball impeccably into the net.

This was a goal that came at a great moment psychologically, and one that also served to calm the nerves, as the referee blew for half time before Alcorcón even had time to restart the game.

After the break, Cristóbal left the former Numancia player Elgezabal, who had played in a defensive midfield position in place of several team-mates who were out with injuries, in the dressing room, replacing him with Gavilán. This was a substitution that aimed to contribute more to the attack and give the side more verticality.

However, a foul on Fran Villalba close to the area would turn out to be more than just profitable for Numancia. Escassi hit it with all he had to give, and the ball squeezed into Dani Jiménez’s top corner. It was a great goal, and it caused the Yellows to run out of steam for the rest of the game, allowing the Rojillos to sew things up nicely in the tie that remained.

This win allows the Sorianos to sit on 44 points in the table, giving them a nice cushion after having spent a few minutes mathematically in relegation spots while Lugo were earning a draw in Gijón. It also gives the team a huge confidence boost ahead of the four remaining games, knowing that one of them is a fixture against Reus, who have already been suspended, meaning the three points are in the bag before a ball is even kicked, or not.

C.D. Numancia: Juan Carlos, Escassi, Ganea, David (Yeboah, m. 89), Higinio (Guillermo, m. 84), Derik, Carlos Gutiérrez, Atienza, Gus Ledes, Fran Villalba (Luis Valcarce, m. 90) y Diamanka.

A.D. Alcorcón: D. Jiménez, Laure, H. Rodas, V. Casadesús, E. Silvestre, Juan Muñoz, Felipe, David Fernández, Elgezábal (Gavilán, m. 46), Sangalli y Borja Galán (Nono, m. 52).

Referee: Arcediano Monescilo (Castilla La Mancha Committe). Assisted by Escuderos Sánchez and Valencia López. Yellow cards for the home players Escassi and Carlos Gutiérrez, and Héctor Rodas for the Alfareros.

Goals: 1-0. M. 45. David Rodríguez. 2-0. M. 51. Escassi.

Los Pajaritos. 4,403.

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