The 2018/19 season ticket campaign is here!

After a historic season, one in which C.D. Numancia reached the play-offs to get to the top flight for the first time,

as well as getting to the Round of 16 in the Copa del Rey, we are back, feeling hopeful again. There is a feeling

of hope here in Soria and in many other places around the world where the young and old feel the passion for

Numancia, the colours, the pride, the resistance and ambition of this little club…

Once again, you, the fans, are our greatest strength.

We want the positive trend of growth in the number of season ticket holders of the last three years to continue, and we

want the jump in average attendance at home games, which was up by more than 40% last season, to be repeated.

This season, we have set ourselves the target of growing, of not losing a single season-ticket holder along the way,

and of making all those people who enjoyed watching the side over the final stages of last season join the ‘Numatina’ family.

We want to LIVE IT AGAIN, we want the kids to keep chanting, we want to see flags and shirts all over town, and we

want you to be with us at each of the 42 league games, and some more besides… which will provide a stage for the hope,

the passion, the badge and the colours.

Welcome and ........ Up Numancia!

Download all the information regarding prices and conditions in this dossier: DOSSIER CAMPAÑA 18-19


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